A comfy house for rent in the Beskidy Mountains
  • Wiśniówka is a fully functional residential house, built with great attention to detail. We made sure it was not only very comfortable but also that its looks referred to the regional art of the Beskidy area.

    The Living Room

    The living room is very spacious, arranged with a view to a pleasant rest. In the summer the living area can be extended by the big woden terrace, connected to the living room by a wide sliding door. The centrally located fireplace will keep you warm on chilly days and provide a cosy atmosphere. The living room is combined with an open kitchen – while preparing the meals you can admire the surrounding peaks through the sunny windows.

    The Bedrooms

    In the house there are five double bedrooms, ready to accomodate ten people. In four of the rooms there are double beds and in one of them there are two separate beds. Two of the bedrooms have private bathrooms. Apart from those there is also one bathroom on each of the floors. All bedrooms have balconies. The rooms will be ready for your arrival.

    The Sauna

    Skiing in the morning, snowmobiles in the afternoon and in the evening a well-deserved rest in a four-person sauna, located on the ground floor.