A comfy house for rent in the Beskidy Mountains
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  • Cycling routes

    The Żywiec Beskids are a perfect place for mountain biking. In the region of Rajcza there are 86 km of well marked mountain cycling routes.

    The beginning of the main route going through Rajcza runs right next to Wiśniówka – it is a part of a big loop that starts next to the railway station and finishes in the centre of Rajcza, If you follow the route further, you can visit some picturesque places, like Mlada Hora, Jaworzynka, Rycerzowa, Velka Raca and even get to Zwardoń. Here you can see a detailed map of all the routes.

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  • Skiing

    Right in the centre of the town there is a platter ski lift on an easy-level ski slope. It is perfect for learning how to ski or snowboard. The lift is open until late evening hours thanks to artificial light.

    Only a 12-km drive away from there is a newly opened Zwardoń Ski resort, which offers 12 km of ski slopes of a different difficulty and the first in the Beskidy four-place chairlift.

    And less than 20 km from Zwardoń awaits the Snowparadise on the slopes of Velka Raca.

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  • Snowmobiles

    Rajcza is well-known for its special micriclimate and when it snows here – it really snows. Huge drifts and trails covered with a thick layer of snow are ideal for an adventure on a snowmobile. And this is our specialty!

    We can arrange a winter trip or rent you a snow scooter, so in winter there will be no inaccessible place for you.

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  • Orava Lake

    Orava Lake, also known as the Orava Sea, is the largest artificial reservoir in Slovakia – it is also a large recreation and water sports center. Here you can swim, enjoy water bikes, motorboats and boats. Water-skiers will be pleased, as well as fans of yachting and windsurfing. From Rajcza to Namestovo, which lies right by the lake, it’s about one-hour drive.

    For our guests we offer a possibility to use a motor boat on the lake.